Tarbela industries (Private) Limited is a fine example of how success can be achieved when one is committed to it.

Established in 1989, TIL serves multiple cities nationwide, while proudly maintaining its roots within Gadoon Amazai, Pakistan.

TIL strives to develop the future of PVC Industry in Pakistan. Through its commitment to quality and history of dynamic leadership. TARBELA PVC PIPE ® is now a synonym for excellence in the industry.


Tarbela industries (Private) Limited has a vision for revolutionizing the PVC industry through innovation and development.


To maintain Tarbela PVC Pipes ® as the foremost premium quality brand in the industry. To incorporate fairness in all matters. To establish truthful & value driven leadership in the industry.

Message from the CEO:

Tarbela Industries, Industrial Estate Gadoon Amazai district Swabi, KPK province, Pakistan installed its first PVC Pipe Twin Screw Extruder line in 1990 imported from Lugi Bandera SpA for the soft pipes production. This plant and machinery is still functional and producing high quality soft pipes due to its regular maintenance by Tarbela industries technicians and provision of after sale service and supply of spare parts and technical assistance by Lugi Bandera SpA.

Our customer satisfaction revealed that our production line is well accepted by our clients and encouraged us to introduce multiple varieties of soft pipes production. Since then we are supplying our soft pipes products to all over Pakistan through our authorized dealers and our established marketing network and outlets.

We have gained utmost satisfaction from our local customers by producing quality products up to the entire satisfaction of our clients. .

Abdul Naser,
Chief Executive Tarbela Industries, Pakistan

Why Choose Us?

  • Superior quality on latest Italian technology.
  • Dealers network nationwide.
  • High quality raw material from top supplier.
  • Tested and efficient distribution system.
  • Renowned and trusted for business values.




Tarbela Industries Pvt Ltd was established in 25.06.1989. Tarbela Industries Pvt Ltd manufatures PVC Compound, PVC Hose and PVC Footwear.

Until 1989, GadoonAmazai was a remote area where heroin was cultivated. To abolish the cultivation of heroin and to promote development in this area, the government converted it into an industrial area. It gave incentives to aspiring entrepreneurs to set up their businesses in Gadoon. These incentives included no sales tax, no income tax and no custom duties for a period of 10 years. The electricity was also low as compared to other industrial states. Furthermore, the markup was only 3%. Due to these incentives, Tarbela Industries was set up and has flourished since then.

Tarbela Industries imported their machinery from Italy and Taiwan.Delivering on time and on Budgethas always been Tarbela Industries Pvt Ltd goal to deliver the safest and highest quality products and services available.

The objects for which the Company has been established are all or any of the following (and in construing the following sub-clauses of the scope of no one of such sub-clauses shall be deemed to limit or effect the scope of any other such sub-clauses:

(a) To set up factories for the manufacture of Footwear Products, Rubber and PVC foot­wear, PVC Compounds, PVC products of all kinds, hand-bags, picker hands and other similar accessories, bed covers, made wholly or in part of leather, rubber, canvas, fiber or any substitute thereof and to import, export, buy, sell, acquire, deal in stock, carry on repairs, alter, improve all kinds of merchantable coodities made of leather, canvas, rubber, fiber or anyone or more of such kindred materials.

The production of Tarbela Industries takes place at GadoonAmazai. There are two plants for production and each plant is headed by an engineer who is responsible for the smooth functioning of the machinery and also for quality control. Due to an intense competition, it is not always possible to raise prices. Hence, profit is more dependent on low costs of production. The company makes a lot of effort to keep their costs at a minimum. The production report with the production detail is sent daily to the head office in Lahore.

The core raw material used in the production is Resin. Mostly Resin is used; however other chemicals are also added slightly. The plant is set up in process layout. There are a lot of processes that the raw material has to go through before the final product is ready.

Tarbela Industries is the leading PVC pipe manufacturer in Pakistan. The company also received ISO 9000 certification. Our strengths are

  • Good quality is maintained
  • Employees are skilled
  • Transportation and canteen is available for employees
  • Transportation of raw material is easy
  • The company gives a lot of importance to safety and safety gear is proved in the production department.
  • Negative externalities are low
  • Feedbacks are taken on a daily basis.
  • The company has a good training system and strives to develop
  • There is no discrimination of any kind in relation to race or religion

Quality is a trait, we appreciate


  • A Good Brand name
  • Latest Italian Plant
  • Quality is strictly regulated
  • The market for the product is spread all over Pakistan.
  • Established and efficient distribution system
  • A proficient and direct marketing network.
  • Skilled and professional staff