Pakistan has one of the biggest markets for plastics in the world. Plastic is consumed mostly in the form of pipes. It is estimated that the demand for pipes will rise significantly in the next few years. Globally, the demand for PVC pipes is also estimated to increase by a large amount annually. PVC pipes are durable and due to this, they are preferred over other material for construction. Furthermore, the government has given a lot of incentives to farmers and agriculture is also on the rise. Therefore, the market for PVC pipe is increasing rapidly and most of the plastic is consumed by infrastructural development and agriculture. It is calculated that PVC pipes companies will grow rapidly in the upcoming years.

The growth of housing, rainwater harvesting, and irrigation projects has given a boost to the PVC and pipes demand. Furthermore, the development of other small scale industries has also played a vital role in the increasing demand for pipe. The growth for the consumption of PVC is likely to increase more in the following five years. This increase will mainly come from agriculture as it is the biggest sector in Pakistan.